Fynbos hoop earrings

Fynbos hoop earrings

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Ida Elsje Fynbos hoop earrings, polished shiny finish, filgree cut out of solid brass plate, handmade in Cape Town.
5cm long

Ida Elsje earrings are all 100% carefully hand made and finished by and expert jeweller in our Cape Town studio. Ida Elsje draws the design, which is then carved or shaped on the bench. A brushed or shiny finish is then applied. All Sterling silver bangles are made of solid sterling silver. All bronze and brass bagles are made of solid bronze and solod brass and are not plated.

Care instruction:

Earrings and stones can be cleaned with boiling hot water, some sunlight hand dishwah liquid and a soft toothbrush. It is important to clean the soap off thoroughly afterwards with hot water and then to dry with a tissue. 

Store earrings in your Ida Elsje box when not wearing them to prevent them from scratching. 

Ida Elsje offers a free polishing and plating service for all original Ida Elsje earrings, kindly send them to us every six months and we will make them look like new. 
Orders can also be placed in 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, platinum and palladium. Please email us for a quotation.
Thank you for your support, proudly hand made in South Africa
Ida Elsje uses only natural precious and semi precious stones. All the materials used are pure and natural, orders can be placed in platinum, palladium, 18ct,14ct and 9ct gold, sterling silver, brass and bronze. Plating options includes 24ct gold plating and rose gold plating

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